Why We Love Building New Homes in Marco Island

Magical, mystical, alluring – these are just a few of the best ways to describe Marco Island! As the largest island in Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands, we are more than just a destination for travelers. The sun-washed white sand beaches, enviably casual lifestyle, and unparalleled outdoor recreation found here also make Marco Island a premier location for your next home. It is our pleasure to build customized luxury homes in this tropical paradise – just read on to learn more!

Exploring Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands

This hidden gem is home to many uninhabited islands and labyrinthine rivers, and Marco Island stands as its crown jewel. We are the largest of the ten thousand and we boast unbeatable proximity to our thousands of island cousins. With so many secret islands to discover, a new adventure awaits every single day! Pack your favorite picnic lunch, then hit the water via kayak or boat and weave through mangrove-lined estuaries until you find the perfect spot to land and dig into your midday refreshments. Here, find authentic adventure and solitude at off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Shelling opportunities abound on every beach

Given that Marco Island is tucked away on the very cusp of the Everglades, there isn’t much south of us other than wetland – meaning that seashells often don’t find a place to rest until washing up on our sandy shores. A seemingly endless variety of exotic shells wind up in our sands, attracting residents and visitors alike to the beach for some hunting. No matter where you step, you are sure to always be within eyesight of a majestic shell so grab a memento for yourself next time you get hands-on with Marco Island’s natural beauty!

Exotic wildlife can always be found in our backyard

Plenty of beautiful animals call Marco Island their home, including manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, and even the incredible Florida panther! These species all enjoy plenty of space to roam amidst our mangrove forests, swamps, and rookeries. With a seemingly endless amount of walking trails and paddling opportunities, residents of Marco Island are equipped with every resource they need to get outside and explore Florida wildlife. Additionally, there are plenty of professional boating tours that serve to bring you right to the forefront of incredible Marco Island wildlife observation.

That inescapable tropical resort getaway atmosphere

For those new to the area, Marco Island might seem too good to be true: like an incredible seaside vacation that some people can only dream of. For those of us familiar with the area, we simply call it home! The air is rich with tropical getaway vibes and it comes as no surprise when you consider the luxury resorts, beautiful beaches, and well-preserved parks that can be found here. Spend your days getting pampered at our local spas or indulge in daily opportunities to dip your toes in the ocean water, which averages a delightful temperature of 78 degrees year-round! Marco Island is more than the largest of the Ten Thousand Islands – it is a destination, and our homeowners get to enjoy these vacation-style amenities every day.

At KWC Homes, we understand better than anyone that building your new home should be just as enjoyable as living in Marco Island’s incredible community. We are committed to providing outstanding service and exemplary workmanship to our clients every step along the way of your new home construction. For the best homes in one of Southwest Florida’s most desirable communities, give KWC Homes a call today!