The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Remodeling Marco Island

Even though you love your home, are you finding that it no longer fits your style or your needs? Perhaps you’ve been waiting for too long to tackle a home renovation project – or, you’re already preparing to transform a new space before you plan on moving in. KWC loves home remodeling Marco Island and Naples properties – and we’re aware that starting the process can be a big commitment! So before you forge ahead, we’re were to walk you through a few of the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you start out on your next home remodeling project:

Do: Make a Plan and Stick to It

Just like any other major project, the first step to beginning home remodeling is to do a lot of planning. Importantly, you’ll want to begin organizing a budget for the project. Consider your overall vision – as well as how much you can afford to spend to bring it to life. This might involve prioritizing your needs for now, as well as which “wants” can be added if there’s spare budget left over. You’ll also want to think about a timeline, planning for when the project needs to be completed. Do you know where you’ll store things in the meantime – or even where you’ll live, if not in the space under construction?

Don’t: Forget a Contingency Plan

A key piece of advice – expect the unexpected! Despite your best efforts, your home remodeling project might incur unexpected costs if you neglect to account for potential problems, change your mind, or increase the scope along the way. This could result in overspending or extending the project’s timeline. Be sure to allow for wiggle room by setting aside some of your budget for any unplanned costs – and if you don’t have to use it, all the better! You can also avoid these problems by communicating well with a builder skilled in cost control for your project – like KWC Homes!

Don’t: Remodel with Only Now in Mind

You’re remodeling your home because it doesn’t fit your current needs. So, why focus with only the here-and-now in mind? Over the years, your needs will grow and change – whether that means accommodating a family, getting a new pet, aging in place, or something else entirely. When you remodel your home, it needs to account for both your life now and your life later.

Do: Consider the Future

So, choose to renovate with tomorrow in mind! Keep in mind the needs of your current self and your future. Using universal design is key. This means working with the experts to assure your home can accommodate everyone, including children, tall adults, the elderly, or anyone with a disability. Plus, considering reselling your home someday? A great remodel can be key to increasing resale value for Marco Island luxury homes – and as an added bonus, it can make your home more functional for you while you’re still inside it.

Don’t: Cut Corners

You might be tempted to choose cheaper routes whenever possible – like bypassing larger structural projects before trying flashier cosmetic changes, or even opting to try and D.I.Y. a challenging home renovation project. However, cutting corners like this is a great way to waste time and money, creating new mistakes to fix and causing problems down the line. Experts can assist you in discovering the correct, most cost-effective, and safest way to handle home remodeling projects for Naples or Marco Island luxury homes.

Do: Choose a Trustworthy Builder

Having the best builders in the business to help you realize your vision is essential to nailing your next renovation project. KWC Homes is here to help – with expert services in home remodeling Marco Island and Naples residents trust to renew their homes, both for now and for the future. You deserve builders who communicate with you throughout the process, stay on target with time and budget, and deliver high-quality results. Sound like what you need? Contact us today to learn more about beginning your journey towards a perfectly-designed home.