Ryan Williams in Family + Success

It was the most momentous day of his life, but he won’t talk about it. Ryan Williams was living in Hoboken, New Jersey, birthplace of Frank Sinatra, and commuting to New York to work at Lehman Brothers. He was there at his desk on the 38th floor of the World Trade Center on Sept.11, 2001, in a financial analyst job he had started just two months earlier, when two airliners were deliberately flown into the twin towers, and the world changed forever.

“I’m here,” was all Williams would say about his experiences that day. “It was a tragic loss of life, and a lot of good people didn’t make it out that day.” He stuck it out for a couple more years, but in 2004 Williams returned to his Southwest Florida birthplace, and the family construction firm in which he had worked many summers growing up. Kevin Williams Construction, Inc., opened in 1986, has built themselves a niche in upscale custom homes on the island.

Ryan Williams is vice president and co-owner, along with his father, Kevin, and he must be doing something right. He was recognized nationally in the March issue of Professional Builder magazine as one of “40 Under 40,” a compilation of rising stars in the construction field around the country…

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