KWC Homes: Your Trusted Marco Island Builder since 1985

Nestled along the pristine shores of Marco Island lies a legacy of precision, excellence and a profound understanding of the island lifestyle. For nearly four decades, KWC Homes has woven dreams into reality, creating homes that seamlessly blend functionality with Marco’s vibrant tapestry. 

Our team does not just build houses; we sculpt havens that resonate with the beating heart of clients and their life on Marco Island. For us, being the premier Marco Island builder is a respected title and a responsibility we carry with great pride.

From quaint coastal retreats to luxurious waterfront estates, KWC Homes is the ideal Marco Island builder. We recognize that building on Marco Island isn’t just about putting structures together; it’s about embracing a lifestyle intricately woven with the island’s natural beauty and unique regulations. The KWC team is proficient in construction processes and fluent in the language of the island, understanding its building codes, wildlife regulations and the nuances that make each project a harmonious addition to this exquisite landscape.

Your custom home building experience will be highlighted by our expertise on key island home elements such as:

  • Flood elevation 
  • Home functionality
  • Ideal flooring
  • Roofing systems
  • Hurricane safety
  • Maximization of indoor/outdoor living
  • Energy efficiency
  • LEED certified green building

What sets KWC Homes apart isn’t merely our skillful craftsmanship or the accolades we’ve garnered, such as the esteemed CBIA Sand Dollar Awards. It’s our innate ability to forge long-term connections, transforming client relationships into lasting friendships. Our team of industry professionals are your trusted partners every step of the way. 

The customization of your dream home is a curated journey where every square foot of your space matters. KWC Homes stands as the guardian of your custom home legacy—a testament to our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, integrity and the enduring relationships we foster.

Browse our gallery of homes for inspiration and reach out when you’re ready to begin Building Luxury with KWC Homes.