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Luxury Home Remodeling

With 30+ years of experience building and remodeling in Southwest Florida, KWC is proud of our unparalleled tradition of luxury home building and home remodeling Marco Island trusts.

Home Remodeling Marco Island

Love your current home, but feel it needs updating or upgrading? We can transform your existing home to suit all your needs and wants. Don’t settle for exploring Naples Florida houses for sale – let our design-build team help breath new life into your property. Our before and after home remodel photos will give you a glimpse of what’s possible.

As a homeowner, you more than likely desire to improve one or more rooms in your home. Whether you consider artistic designs, comfort, and luxury, or remodels that are merely practical; everyone dreams about putting their unique stamp upon their home through remodeling and renovation. We’re the resource for home remodeling Marco Island trusts!

Why Remodel Your Home

Meeting an Immediate Need

The first of our three purposes for home remodeling, and often the one that gets the ball rolling, is to meet an immediate need, which can be either functional or aesthetic. Maybe you don’t have enough storage, or your kitchen is too small. Or it could be that the place just looks dated. If it’s time to get a new set of appliances, it’s the perfect time to update the cabinetry, especially if appliance sizes and kitchen accessories have changed since yours were installed.

Design for Aging in Place

A second reason for remodeling, and one we think should be part of every home update in addition to whatever else you may have in mind, is aging in place. If you are home remodeling Marco Island spaces to turn your house into your dream home because you intend to stay there for a long time, universal design principles can easily be incorporated into any upgrades you make now, saving you from having to remodel again or to search for Naples Florida houses for sale to accommodate your needs when you are older. The purpose of universal design is to make every aspect of the home user-friendly for everyone, from young children to tall adults, the elderly, and anyone with a disability.

Increasing Your Home’s Sale Value

The third purpose for home remodeling Marco Island properties is to increase the value of your home prior to selling it. This is often a consideration even if your main purpose is to make the home more livable for the time being, but want to sell eventually. Even if increasing price of Naples Florida houses for sale is your sole reason for remodeling, we encourage you to schedule a universal design consultation as part of your planning process.

As a homeowner in Southwest Florida, you know that this is a fantastic retirement area, and there’s a good chance that your potential buyers will be retired and looking for their forever home. Buying a home that already has the facilities for aging in place is a very attractive and money-saving proposition for anyone who is already at or near retirement age.

Universal design makes your home attractive to anyone with a disabled family member, or anyone who will have special needs due to aging. The sale value of your home goes up not just because buyers see that they will not have to remodel to meet these needs, but also because it is move-in ready for them. Home buyers searching for Naples Florida houses for sale place a premium on being able to move in without having to do any work to get the place ready.

What Is Your Remodeling Budget?

Of course, no final plans can be made until you have a realistic budget that you can commit to. If you plan to remodel more than one room, you may save money by taking care of adjacent spaces at the same time, but if you have limited funds, you may need to do one room at a time, so consider which areas need immediate attention and which will give you the greatest reward and schedule those first.

KWC is an experienced home remodeling Marco Island general contractor and we would be happy to help you plan your home remodeling. Just tell us what you want to do and we will help you work out the details in a way that takes your wants, desires, and budget into consideration, so that you end up with a remodeling plan that accommodates the purpose of your project.

Whatever your purpose for remodeling is, KWC’s certified universal design specialists can help you get the most out of it. Give us a call or schedule an appointment with one of our certified universal design experts.