Commonly Forgotten Details When Building a Custom Home

Working with Naples, Florida, custom home builders to bring your dream home to life is an exciting time and a creative, fulfilling process. However, amid all the excitement, make sure you don’t make any of these common mistakes that new property owners who are building their homes from the ground up often make.

Top Details to Remember for Naples, Florida, New Construction Homes

Here are a few of the most frequently forgotten details that your KWC Homes contractor will help you to stay on top of, ensuring that you’re satisfied with your completed dream home.

Storage Space and Location

As you’re planning your perfect home, you may be focusing more on the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and other exciting features than you are on storage space.

However, it’s just as important to thoroughly plan your storage space, especially if you plan on building recessed storage anywhere throughout your home. Plan for more storage space than you think you’ll need if possible, as too little storage space can be a significant problem for families.

Electrical Outlet Placement

It’s crucial to make sure that you have enough electrical outlets built into the walls throughout your home, but their placement also plays a huge role. Having plenty of outlets won’t be helpful if they’re not easily accessible and you constantly have to use extension cords!

Height of Shower Head

If you have a family member over six feet in your household, this detail may already be on your mind. Make sure that the height of your shower heads is comfortable for your family members or that your shower heads are easily adjustable.

An Experienced Contractor Can Help

There are so many details to keep track of when building Naples, Florida, new construction homes that some of them may simply slip your mind. You can create the home of your dreams by partnering with the right home builder, like KWC Homes!