5 Things to Consider Before Adding an Addition onto Your House

Putting an addition on your home is an exciting experience, from choosing the type of space to add to decorating the finished product. But before you can jump in, there are a few things you need to figure out. Here are five things every homeowner should consider before building an addition. 

What Is Your Budget?

It’s important to know your budget before designing your new addition. You’ll find it much easier to plan with a specific number (or range) in mind than to blueprint your dream addition, only to have to make cuts. 

What Kind of Room Is Your House Missing?

Home additions should make life easier and serve a purpose for your household. Consider the rooms in your house and think about what might be missing. The most important things to focus on are functionality and improving your living space.

If you have three bedrooms and only one bathroom, maybe you need more bathroom space. Or perhaps you just need somewhere you can unplug and relax, like a sunroom. 

Does It Add Value to Your Home?

If an addition isn’t going to increase your property’s resale value, it may not be wise to spend thousands of dollars on it. How do you know what’s worth it? Well, most home additions will give you a good ROI when you resell, but the key to maximizing your return is making sure all of the work is done correctly by professional home builders in Naples. 

Hiring someone with inadequate skill or knowledge is not only a waste of money, but potential homebuyers will be able to spot low-grade work.

What Is Your Ideal Timeframe?

Even if you’ve had renovations done before, home additions are a whole different beast. Most companies can complete home renovations in a few weeks, but room additions can take months to complete.

 Having strangers working in your home for weeks can make you feel out of place and interrupt your daily life. 

If you aren’t comfortable having contractors in your house for an extended period of time, it might be a good idea to stay somewhere else while your new addition is under construction. 

What Are Your Local Laws? 

Wherever you live, your local laws will dictate what kind of home additions you can make and what people you need to hire. In Florida, every contractor must be fully licensed before legally building, remodeling, or adding to a home. 

Your city’s individual zoning laws and regulations will also influence your home addition plans. 

Home Builders in Naples

When you’re ready to start designing and building your new room addition, the next step is finding home builders in Naples. While you search for the right contractor, pay attention to customer reviews, how long they’ve been in business, and previous Naples luxury homes they have built. Once you find a local contractor that you get along with and trust, jump right in on the planning and design phases.