3 Must-Haves for Custom Homes in Marco Island

Customizing a home is a dream for many adults. While there are bound to be turnkey listings that check many boxes, none will come close to providing the utility and the personalized aesthetic you crave like a custom home.

While details like storage, placement of electrical outlets, and the height of shower heads are important, there are a few larger-scale must-haves you might want to focus on initially when you team up with trusted Marco Island home builders.

1. Humidity-Resistant Flooring

When it comes to custom luxury homes, you really can’t skimp on foundational materials that serve as the backbone of your design. With that being said, you have to pair practicality with upscale elegance.

While you might have your heart set on hardwood flooring, Florida can be a tough environment for porous surfaces. Consider modern alternatives like LVT or porcelain tile that offer the look of wood but with the convenience and longevity of a surface that won’t warp, rot, or fade. You could always opt for natural stone flooring as well.

2. Swimming Pool

Floridians enjoy an average of 237 sunny days each year, which means you have the option to spend a lot of time outdoors. Still, the weather can be muggy, which is why swimming pools are such a popular add-on when it comes to custom homes for sale in Marco Island. 

Not only will you and your family enjoy an outdoor pool, but it’s a great option for entertaining guests, especially when paired with luxury amenities like an outdoor kitchen.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces

If you love being outdoors and taking advantage of great weather, you’ll want to connect indoor and outdoor living spaces with a moving glass wall system that blurs the lines. 

With a covered patio off the interior living or dining room space, you can extend your square footage and truly enjoy the splendor of Florida’s balmy weather.

Custom Homes for Sale in Marco Island 

When designing your perfect custom home, make sure you keep these three must-have amenities in mind. They will help you enjoy your new home to the fullest.