3 Coastal-Inspired Design Tips for Naples Luxury Homes

Whether you’re beginning the process of building Naples or Marco Island luxury homes or are simply looking for new décor inspiration, you’re likely drawn to the seaside style that this paradise of southwest Florida so beautifully evokes. This breezy and bright perspective on design embraces the fresh air and sunshine that create a resort-like, vacation state of mind, right in your own home. Are you hoping to learn how to strike that perfect balance of clean, contemporary style with beachy, Floridian flair? Read on for a few tips to keep in mind as you get started decorating.

  1. Keep a Natural, Fresh Color Palette

An important starting point to decorating any space involves picking a color palette from which to work. There’s a few tried-and-true methods to nailing the oceanic, coastal feel befitting Naples luxury homes. Start out with the basics – working with white creates a bright, fresh, and airy backdrop for the rest of your furniture and décor. A neutral base of hardwood flooring pairs perfectly. But, once you’ve let in plenty of light with these neutral tones, what other colors work best to bring in a beachfront feel? Blue and white are the obvious choice – forming a timeless, yet contemporary, pairing. This can be played up towards a tropical feel – opting for turquoise and teal tones – or towards a classic, marine style with navy and white. Your space can also easily incorporate earthy neutrals, lush and botanical greens, and even bold pops of color – like pinks or yellows that lend a vibrant, tropical, and fun energy to the space.

  1. Consider Beachy Materials and Textures

Round out the seaside feel of your space and create even more visual interest with mixing the right textures. You can start with evoking a natural feel with fibers. Woven textiles composed of natural fibers lend a beachy visual appeal to a space while still looking sophisticated. This might come in the form of area rugs – made of materials like jute or sisal. Linen is also a great lightweight textile to utilize throughout a space. Coastal design shines best with a focus on light and airiness – so sheer textile options for elements like drapes can be a perfect choice.

Furniture might benefit from materials like lighter-toned or even white-painted wood, avoiding heavier stains. You might even explore driftwood pieces for a thematic and sculptural choice. Or, try out rattan or wicker – both great fits for outdoor living spaces. You might even carry that visual aesthetic throughout the space with items like woven storage baskets – perfect to store away essential items in any room that could otherwise become visual clutter.

  1. Include Interesting Seaside Accents

Fun accents are key places to really have fun with seaside design and décor. For example, this might mean deciding on beautiful art pieces for your space. Look around for pieces with a fitting coastal theme – perhaps something painted by local artists or captured by photographers around the area to introduce the beauty of southwest Florida into your home as a dramatic and contemporary touch. Aside from larger focal points like these, there’s plenty of ways to craft interesting vignettes of oceanic objects around the home. Tablescapes or shelves, for example, might easily incorporate shells, coral, driftwood, or seaglass for a fun touch. Plus, don’t forget to add in some plant life – keeping the place feeling just as leafy and lush as the rest of Naples and Marco Island!

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